Einzeigeruhr von NEUHAUS Timepieces, Modell JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport, liegend

NEW! DoubleSpeed-Sport

The new JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport is the sporty variation of the unusual one hand watch of NEUHAUS. All of it is as black as possible. The casing, the dial, the Milanaise bracelet and even the movement is PVD coated in black. But also something has been done technically for more sportiness. The achievable diving depth has been doubled, The watch is now water resistant up to 10ATM or 100 meters and therefore suitable for swimming etc. This model is also limited to 99 pieces worldwide.

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More images of the JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport

JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport

A real sportive appearance, water resistant up to 10 ATM or 100 meters, the JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport


JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport - PVD geschwärztes Werk

Very rare and really beautiful the UNITAS 6498 movement black PVD coated.


JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport

The black Milanaise bracelet have been created exclusively for this watch and will not be sold anywhere else. Additional a black silicone bracelet is available.


JANUS DoubleSpeed-Sport - Nachtsicht

The legendary luminosity of the JANUS DoubleSpeed is naturally fully preserved and have an even greater visual impact due to the dark surrounding.